The Black & Blue Ball was created in 1994 by Leda and Carrie of Arena Studios. Inspired by the well attended slave auctions at Paddles (a popular BDSM club owned by Michael Auleta in the early 90’s), their goal was to present a formal benefit and evening of entertainment for the New York City Fetish Scene. Gathering everyone under one roof, it was to be a celebration for the entire community.

Over a decade later, the attendance has surpassed the Fetish Scene and attracts the attention and support of multiple Sub-Cultures. Themes are constructed to rule the evening therefore setting the tone and all of the participants and attendees support the theme in their unique finery, making for the most exotic environment. Strengthened by word of mouth and select exposure, the BBB has grown into one of the most anticipated events in New York City and one of the top Fetish events in the world. With premium, cutting edge, live entertainment including performance art, music, fashion, visual art, and varying combinations there of - people travel from across the globe to participate as well as attend.

The Black & Blue Ball is a uniquely spectacular experience… and we look forward to you joining us.

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